The prices of our illustrations are classified into three categories based on the format and size in pixels:

Large (Full size)

Images in PSD format, in CMYK color mode and 300 dpi, in one or several layers with transparency.

Medium (Medium size)

Images in PNG format, in color mode RGB with transparency.

Small (Small size)

Images in JPG format, with the highest quality (without compression) in RGB color mode , without transparency and white background.

The pixel sizes of our illustrations are visible at the time of enlarging the image from the grid and choosing between one of these three options. These sizes vary depending on the chosen category.
We have two types of user licenses:
1. License to use high resolution images FULL size (Large), PSD format: When the purchase of one of our images in FULL size (Large), this image may be used on any type of printed material to a single editorial project (understood as “a single editorial project”, the one that corresponds to a single print publication or title), with a number of copies not to exceed 30,000 units. If for more than one project or for a larger number of copies are needed, please contact us.
2. License for use of MEDIUM size and SMALL size images: When the purchase is for MEDIUM (Medium size) or SMALL (Small size), the images may be used only for screen displays in digital media and only for a single digital project (understood as a single digital project, the one that corresponds to a single campaign or under the same brand, content and strategy). If more than one digital project is needed, please contact us.
The copyright of our stock of images belongs entirely to Creative-Med and we assing them exclusively for use according to the purchased license.