CREATIVE-MED is an agency specializing in the creation of all types of educational and advertising materials designed to support the development of projects related to medicine. It was founded with the expertise of over 50 years of experience in the creation of medical content and illustrations for the American and European markets.

We are focused on creating easy to understand 2D and 3D digital anatomical and pathological illustrations, posters and 2D and 3D digital animations.

Our image bank is constantly updated by an interdisciplinary group, made up of doctors, artists, digital and graphic designers and advertising experts.
This collection may be used for educational or marketing purposes by Pharmaceutical companies, medical community, universities, hospitals, medical associations and publishers.

The CREATIVE-MED Medical Illustrations Store is a bank of original and quality medical illustrations to be used in printed or digital material. These may be downloaded from our online store in various sizes and formats according to your needs.

Why use aMedical illustration?

Medical illustrations represent a great tool for publishers, digital marketing or the pharmaceutical industry that require medical and / or scientific topics. Our anatomical images expedite the study and knowledge of anatomy and human diseases. They are very helpful in explaining to the patient a pathology, a surgical procedure, or the functioning of the organs.